MTV Launches US Election Themed VR Art Show ‘Elect This’

The US election takes place in a few days time, and if you’ve been keeping up with the latest news its been more than a little controversial. So in the run up to election day MTV has launched a themed virtual reality (VR) art show called Elect This which spotlights a different artist each day who’s created a piece in Google’s Tilt Brush that focuses on important social issues.

The Elect This campaign has been created to help drive youth turnout whilst allowing young voters to utilise art to express the issues they’re most interested in. MTV’s Open Your Eyes VR election campaign features artists including Illma Gore, Dave Persue, Tyler Wallach Studio, ThankyouX, Hayden Zezula (Zolloc), Ada Rajkovic, JCORP, Fabiola Lara, Shaun O’Connor, Sam Stewart, Grace Miceli, Renda Writer, Jon Santos For Freedoms, SacSix, Wane COD, SASHALYNILLO, Gumshoe and Kristian Mercado, as they look at issues such as race, LGBT, gun violence, immigration and more.

MTV - Elect This logo

Curated in partnership with Viacom NEXT, the artworks will be shown in VR alongside various social channels and there will also be video interviews with the featured artists explaining what they’ve created and why.

It began this week with Illma Gore’s piece Who’s Watching Who Watches Us? You can see the artwork below, on the Open Your Eyes website she wrote: “Inequality is systematic, equality cannot be obtained unless the white man asks what he can do to help to mobilize those who have been marginalized. I have never second-guessed my safety around police. That is my privilege as a white woman. I too, have been guilty of believing I was not part of the problem by viewing all as equals. But I was a part of the problem. My belief in equality is a start, but it doesn’t amplify the voices that aren’t being heard, because ‘I didn’t see people by their race’. Ask yourself if you are really looking to help the plight of liberty of fellow human beings or making it about yourself. Ask how you can be an ally. Raise real awareness about racism in America. Acknowledge privilege. If you have privilege, don’t just think about slowing down. Race with your neighbour, run together, together you can run faster and revolt.”

All the pieces of art will be showcased on Sketchfab which can be viewed on a monitor, or via head-mounted displays (HMDs) like Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

VRFocus will be bringing you further artworks from the MTV campaign as it progresses.