Moto Racer 4’s Two Wheeled Action Arrives on PlayStation VR

Microids and Artefacts Studio revealed in June that the next instalment of their motorbike racing series, Moto Racer 4 would feature virtual reality (VR) support for PlayStation VR. At the time the developer said the title would be a day one launch experience for the headset but it never arrived, then last week VRFocus reported it should be arriving tomorrow from information on an Amazon listing. Moto Racer 4 has in fact arrived today, with PlayStation VR support intact, albeit with some caveats.

Moto Racer 4 features revealed so far include over 15 single player and multiplayer modes which include King of the Hill, where racers have to get their timer down to zero first; Last Man Standing will eliminate the last player through a check point and Survival, where have to pick up time by going through checkpoints, lasting as long as possible. Online multiplayer mode for 2 – 10 players, motorbike and rider customization, and over 100 motocross and asphalt challenges, alongside 18 races across 3 open environments.

But for those that want to immerse themselves in this racing world with PlayStation VR, only a couple of modes are available. In a press release Microids revealed that only Time Attack and Hot Lap options would be available in VR. So it looks like multiplayer might not be available just yet, but game modes will progressively be added in the future, although when is currently unclear.

Checkout the new trailer for Moto Racer 4 below, and as VRFocus learns more about further game mode support we’ll let you know.