Life In 360°: A Terminal Full Of Hope

Being stuck at the airport was one thing, but what if it was your home? I’m not talking about in the sense of the Tom Hanks film The Terminal here either. What if it was actually your new home – because it was also your escape from the unfathomable things you’ve left behind? Welcome to Monday – and a new 360 degree experience to remind you that no matter your own troubles, don’t forget that there are plenty of others in the world in a more precarious position than you.

Today’s video covers the ongoing refugee crisis and is part of the ‘Stories of Humankind’ series and one recorded for Facebook by Here Be Dragons – a Los Angeles studio which should be familiar to regular VRFocus readers – in collaboration with Therapy Studios, Johnson & Johnson and charity Save The Children.

The video shows life for a thousand refugees housed in Berlin’s Tempelhof airport in Germany. An airport that has been decommissioned. Life is not easy, far from it but in amongst the pain there is the occasional ray of sunshine to lift the gloom. This video, which includes the first-hand accounts of the refugees shows some of those moments.

VRFocus will be back on Wednesday with another Life In 360 degrees, until then be sure to check back regularly for the latest news and features on virtual reality (VR).