Life In 360°: A Q&A Reforged

Much like virtual reality (VR) itself, the development of 360 degree video offers new ways to view experiences that you might be familiar with. It can put you at the centre of the action, be that non-stop carnage or peaceful progress.

Today’s Li360 video is more to the peaceful end of the spectrum but again puts you in the centre of the action – although in this instance it’s in the middle of a discussion. Much like VRFocus did some time back with an interview called VRCast, (well done if you remember that by the way,) the team over at Man At Arms: Reforged have sat down around a camera and answered questions about the series.

If you’re not familiar with the show, a team of blacksmiths bring their knowledge and skill to bear by using their combination of ancient techniques and modern machinery to bring fictional weapons to life. They can be from the world of comics and literature, video games, film and television, manga or anime and they’ve even been known to mash weapons together, forming a curious hybrid of styles.

In this interview the team sit around the forge and answer questions from their YouTube audience and from social media. VRFocus will be back on Monday with another example of Life In 360°.