Life In 360°: A New D∆WN

After a very serious edition on Monday, let’s settle back with a Life In 360° video that’s back in the world of entertainment today. In fact we’re off to YouTube once more for an experimental music video from indie singer/songwriter Dawn Richard, known professionally as D?WN.

Created by SNAKE Productions, the experimental 360 degree music video for the release of D?WN’s new solo album REDEMPTION. Sees us transported to futuristic, and decidedly purple utopian future full of abstract imagery. With D?WN’s music shaping the narrative of that going on we fall further into this world where you have the freedom to do anything, regardless of your background. Not being defined by your “colour, gender or creed”. A theme of the video is the empowerment of dreams and yet how they can be easily lost in the world around you – but equally can open doors.

VRFocus will be back on Friday with another trip into Life In 360°. What will it be? Find out then.