It’s Time to go Hunting as Salvaged Begins Early Access for Oculus Rift

Videogames aren’t just a great way to spend some free time relaxing, going off on quests or shooting bad guys, they’re also a good way to exercise that grey matter, with intricate puzzles to solve and strategies to implement for success. Today Opposable Games has launched its take on the action/strategy genre with the release of Salvaged for PC and Oculus Rift.

Arriving on Steam Early Access, Salvaged is a story driven single-player experience putting players in the role of Commander Alex Pieterson, who runs the salvage ship Thaddeus. Set in a universe ravaged by war, the human race continues its relentless search into the stars, and Pieterson, with his crew of hardened agents go in search of wreaks to scour them for anything salvageable. But along the way they encounter more than they bargained for.

Salvaged Screenshot 7

For the early access version of Salvaged, Opposable Games has released the full campaign to explore, covering 20 levels. While a lot of virtual reality (VR) titles can tend to be quite short, Salvaged should provide between 8 to 15 hours of gameplay depending on play style and ability.

Using real-time combat mechanics, players command their squad into the bowls of spaceships, dispatching enemies on route as they hunt for valuable loot. The title features a wide range of customisation options, allowing players to fine tune their squads. This ranges from individual attributes to weapons and armour, making the team as resilient as possible to any hostiles or situations they may come across.

Opposable Games decided to launch in early access to allow them to include additional features such as a post-campaign ‘endless’ mode and full HTC Vive support, on top of gameplay tweaks and general performance enhancements in the future.

Salvaged can be downloaded now for $12.99 USD/£9.99 GBP. For further announcements on the videogame, keep reading VRFocus.