Ilium VR to Launch IndieGoGo Campaign for VR Gun Controller

Currently for virtual reality (VR) gamers there’s not a massive choice of peripherals available to accentuate immersive experiences. You’ve got facepads to improve comfort, certain flight sticks for simulators, or if you’ve got deep enough pockets there are omni-directional treadmills. Ilium VR which has created a VR gun controller developer kit for HTC Vive, plans to launch an IndieGoGo campaign next week for a consumer version.

Called Athena, the VR gun controller is designed to work with HTC Vive and natively integrates SteamVR tracking technology. Ilium VR aims to provide players with an immersive alternative to the headsets normal motion controller, and will be compatible with any SteamVR title. But Ilium VR has also specifically partnered with Invrse Studios to coordinate the gun for The Nest, and with Vertigo Games for controller compatibility with Arizona Sunshine.

Ilium VR - Athena Render

Key features that Illum VR has revealed about the controller include:

Immersive reloading with realistic dropdown magazine and fully-tracked slide action

Complete wireless functionality with 14 hours of game play on a single charge, which takes about 45 minutes

Haptic vibrational feedback for recoil

Integrated SteamVR/Lighthouse tracking technology

Additional input controls, including the joystick and button pad

Ilium VR’s IndieGoGo campaign will launch on Monday, 5th December and will continue through Tuesday, 3rd January 2017. No details are yet available on the backing tiers and prices, but keep reading VRFocus for the latest updates.