HTC Vive Owners Can Now Head into the World of EVE: Valkyrie

CCP Games’ online space combat title EVE: Valkyrie has been available for Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR owners since the respective headsets launch. The studio has long stated it’ll bring the popular videogame to HTC Vive, and today it has done just that.

One of EVE: Valkyrie’s biggest draws is that of cross-platform support. With the release on HTC Vive, now players across all three platforms can wage war against each other, which in turn should mean many more players to team up with or fight against.

EVE Valkyrie Screenshot

For the HTC Vive release CCP Games will be offering a limited time promotion. Anyone who purchases the videogame through Steam will get the Founder’s Pack, which includes the ‘MkV Wraith’ fighter, exclusive ‘Vanquish’ flight suit, limited edition ‘Vive Founder’s Pilot’ forum tag and 2,500 gold. As an extra bonus Gunjack will be included for free. As a premium AAA virtual reality (VR) title EVE: Valkyrie also comes with a premium price, £49.99 GBP.

Since EVE: Valkyrie’s initial launch on Oculus Rift back in March CCP has released two large updates for the title. These were Carrier Assault and Joint Strike. The updates added features like a new co-op game mode, a new single-player story mission, quick chat options, and more.  The next free update is coming in early December, but the developer hasn’t yet revealed what’ll be included. Expect CCP to deliver new maps, modes, ships, plus other free content updates to the videogame in the future.

So if you like flying spaceships around the cosmos, engaging in massive battles, take a look. And for further EVE: Valkyrie coverage keep reading VRFocus.