For Business Or Pleasure: Vuzix Showcase Their Blade 3000 Smart Sunglasses In New Video

When it comes to augmented reality (AR) on VRFocus, two topics immediately spring to mind owing to their frequency of new and of discussion. The first is Pokémon GO, Niantic’s free-to-play AR game for mobile which has captured the imagination of millions. The second is Vuzix, the award winning American firm and wearable technology creators. Each have had their fair share of stories on the site in 2016 and, midway through November, it looks as though we’re not finished with either of them this year yet. With news on each this last Friday alone.

Vuzix Blade 3000

Today though is Vuzix’s turn again in the spotlight. After releasing a video previewing it’s AR technology to be showcased at CES 2017, Vuzix has also released a trailer for it’s Blade 3000 Smart Sunglasses. The trailer showcases some of the functionality you can expect to enjoy with the glasses that operate as “a hands free extension to your smartphone”.

“We envision many uses for AR both for enterprise, as well as for gamers and consumers generally. We at Vuzix have long believed that AR is the future and that it will have a tremendous impact on corporations and consumers.”said Vuzix President Paul Travers, in a statement.

Vuzix hope to prove that their Android powered, but iOS and Android connectable system will prove an exciting and viable alternative to smartwatches and similar wearable gadgets. VRFocus will bring you more technology news from GDC 2017 and in the weeks leading up to it. Come back soon for the latest headlines.