First Trailer Released for nDreams’ Daydream View Title Danger Goat

Google’s next virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), Daydream View is scheduled to launch next week and developers have been revealing which titles owners can expect to see on day one. UK-based VR specialist nDreams (The Assembly) has announced its next videogame, Danger Goat will be a day one launch experience, and unveiled the first teaser trailer.

Danger Goat is a puzzle adventure where players have to guide their goat to safety through all manner of obstacles and traps. Using the Daydream controller the goat can run, slide and catapult through the levels, with missiles, shrink rays, crazy killer robots and more looking to stop players in their tracks.

An exclusive to the Daydream View platform, Danger Goat features 28 levels to master, covering a wide range of themes. From wild forests and snowy mountains to the farthest reaches of outer space, players will need to grasp the unique features of the Daydream controller to knock down monoliths and sabotage traps to create that route through.

As you’ll see from the trailer Danger Goat is a comedic take on the puzzle genre, with a bold art style and inspiration taken from old school spy capers.

Daydream View will launch next Thursday, 10th November for $79 USD/ £69 GBP, available through Google Store and various retailers in select countries. Currently only the Pixel smartphone has been confirmed to support the HMD, but Google does have several other smartphone partners who’ll be bringing out compatible devices in the near future.

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