First Teasing Footage of MORPG VR Title Dungeon Raiders Released

There’s so much going on in the world of virtual reality (VR) it can be hard for newcomers to know where to begin. And its just the same for indie developers as they create immersive titles just for VR gamers. Twitter is a natural starting point, with studios revealing teasing details of upcoming projects through screenshots or short videos. Today Simon Barrett, a UK-based developer, has done just that with a short piece of gameplay footage for his multiplayer online role-playing game Dungeon Raiders (working title).  

The footage – only four seconds in length – shows the player in a dimly lit medieval stone building fighting an aggressive skeletal warrior. Brandishing a sword the player engages in some frantic melee combat, striking the enemy and its shield several times whilst defending with their own sword. Each contact letting off several sparks in the process.

Dungeon Raiders screenshot 2

Dungeon Raiders is being built purely for VR, with the footage showing that the videogame will be for motion controllers, although the tweet doesn’t indicate which head-mounted displays (HMDs) Barrett plans to support. HTC Vive is most likely but with Oculus Touch due to arrive in a couple of weeks, and PlayStation VR seemingly the frontrunner in terms of sales, any of those are a possibility.

The brief glimpse Dungeon Raiders also showcases the work Barratt has put into the AI. Some videogames that involve melee combat don’t always have the most adaptive enemies, turning fights into a war of attrition. The skeleton in Dungeon Raiders does manoeuvre, attack and block in quick succession, raising its shield when the player attacks. With this style of gameplay fighting will be far more intense, with players planning attack strategies even for the most basic of enemies, and especially if there’s more than one.

The developer will be taking Dungeon Raiders to the Game Makers Yorkshire (Ga-Ma-Yo) event tonight, so expect to here further details on the VR project soon.

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