EON Geo Brings Positional AR to EON AVR Platform

EON Reality Inc., a virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) software developer, based in Irvine, California, has announced the launch of EON Geo on its EON AVR platform.

EON Geo allows students, trainees, and workers to add markerless geo-positional data enabling interaction with contextual knowledge in the world around them tied to GPS coordinates.


This means that users will also be able access to relevant information and training/learning materials when and where needed. The technology turns any location into an teaching opportunity, as they become AR points-of-interest which display objects when approached, similar to how Pokémon GO works.

“Augmented Reality has typically been tied to markers and beacons, which really limits how AR can be used in everyday situations,” said Mats Johansson, President and CEO of EON Reality. “With AR tied to GPS coordinates and IOT sensors, we can take knowledge transfer out into the world and attach learning objects to physical locations. Students, workers, and everyday people can use this technology to better their lives with real-time contextual information.”

Applications for EON Geo include: turning campus tours and new student orientation into AR scavenger hunts; field trips can provide deeper levels of learning, and employees can see real-time data or instructions when they’re out in the field.

“Industries are continually fighting to replace experienced workers with new hires while looking to improve overall productivity and safety,” said Jan Kjallstrom, VP Product Development of EON Reality. “Technology like EON Geo is necessary to further enhance the productivity of workers, but also to improve safety in the workplace. Step-by-step instructions can limit errors and bridge the experience gap for newer workers. Real-time contextual data empowers workers to make correct decisions in the field as well as spot issues before they arise.”

EON Geo is part of the updated EON AVR platform to be launched in Q1 2017. For all the latest news from EON Reality Inc., keep reading VRFocus.