Enhance Games Working on New Synethesia Suit for REZ Infinite

The PlayStation VR launch of REZ Infinite has been incredibly well received, currently standing as the highest rated title on the PlayStation 4’s virtual reality (VR) platform via critic reviews on Metacritic. However, there’s one aspect of the videogame’s design that few have had the chance to experience: the Synethesia Suit. A new version of this full body suit is currently in development, which could possibly offer more players the opportunity to get hands-on with this unique VR experience.

Synesthesia Suit

The Synethesia Suit has been showcased at a number of events across the globe alongside REZ Infinite’s pre-launch outings. However, given that just one suit exists at present, the number of people that have been able to experience it has been decidedly limited. According to Tetsuya Mizuguchi, creator of the REZ franchise and REZ Infinite, a new version of the Synethesia Suit is now in development.

Responding to an article from Forbes on the original Synethesia Suit, Mizuguchi tweeted that a new version of the Synethesia Suit is currently being created specifically for REZ Infinite.

No further details are currently available on the new Synethesia Suit, including intended completion date or when we can expect to see it debut at events across the globe. However, adding a second suit to the arsenal will significantly increase the chances of gamers getting hands-on with this unique piece of VR interactivity.

Rez Infinite 13

REZ Infinite is available now for PlayStation VR, playable with the DualShock 4 controller or PlayStation Move. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on REZ Infinite and this new edition of the Synethesia Suit.