Create Your Own Data Glove With Flexpoint’s Bend Sensor Kit

Virtual reality (VR) already offers highly immersive experiences, hardware and software companies are only just scratching the surface of what the technology can do, exploring different avenues to make it even better. One such way is through data gloves. These have been around for a while in various forms and current models aim to make interaction with virtual worlds even more realistic. One company that’s developed tech to facilitate this is Flexpoint Sensor Systems with its Bend Sensor, and this week its launched the Bend Sensor Glove Kit.

The kit allows anybody to create their own data glove, it includes five Bend Sensors – 3 longer sensors for the index, middle and ring fingers and 2 shorter sensors for the thumb and pinky finger – PCB board and the necessary connections (no glove is provided).

Flexpoint USB Glove Kit

Once the Glove Kit Software has been downloaded and the glove assembled the software depicts a 3D hand that mimics in real-time the orientation of the wrist, hand and position of the fingers with respect to the hand. Currently the kit only provides a USB connection to a PC but wireless integration is planned for future releases.

According to Paul Sexauer, Flexpoint VP Sales & Marketing in a statement: “The Glove Kit is purposely designed for engineers to immediately discover how easy it is to implement a glove solution that provides for the sense of touch and manipulation of objects through movement of the hand and fingers, as well as streamline development efforts into their commercial products.”

Mainly designed to be utilised by engineers, the Bend Sensor Glove Kit can be purchased by anyone with a keen interest in the technology, it’s available through Flexpoint’s website for $250 USD.

Regular readers of VRFocus may recognise the Flexpoint name as we’ve previously featured the company in articles relating to Manus VR. Manus VR has been utilising the Bend Sensors for its own gloves which its been taking pre-order reservations for.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Flexpoint, reporting back with any further announcements.