Create Your Own AR Experiences with Blippar’s Blippbuilder Suite

Technology company Blippar has been championing the use of augmented reality (AR) technology for some time now, with a free app for smartphones and many other initiatives. Today the company has announced its opening up its proprietary tech to allow anyone to develop AR experiences, whether its for gaming, advertising, design or other purposes.

Primarily design to help studios and marketers, as well as those who may not have coding experience, the Blippbuilder AR self-service suite is available in a web interface offering two levels of functionality. There’s the basic level Blippbuilder, aiding development through drag-and-drop tools and requiring no coding. This allows those anyone to dabble and learn about AR, with no cost for personal use.

The second level is Blippbuilder Script, Blippar’s full AR Suite that allows for the creation of advanced AR experiences in JavaScript.

Blippar - Blippbuilder Script

“After over five years of defining this space and evolving with it, Blippar is seeing the world start to wake up and truly realize the enormous market opportunity for augmented reality,” said Ambarish Mitra, Blippar co-founder and CEO. “Where once AR was viewed as a niche technology, recent adoption in gaming alongside advancements in wearables have combined with a rising desire among everyday consumers to better tap into the potential of the world around them to create a mainstream trend.

“After creating thousands of AR experiences and campaigns and learning what moves the needle for brands as well as consumers, we know it is now time to open our platform to the world, empower developers, marketers and everyday consumers to be creative, establish new best practices for this space, and together realize the full potential AR combined with Artificial Intelligence has to make everyone’s lives better, everywhere.”

For those interested in building their own AR apps there are several options to chose from. There’s the previously mentioned basic version which is free but comes with no re-sale rights and all the blipps include watermarks. For professionals there’s a Pro Blipp pay-as-you-go plan, simply pay per blipp which are watermark and ad free, or there’s the Unlimited Pro Plan which includes unlimited blipps. While there’s no pricing on Blippars website, Blippbuilder/Blippbuilder Script can be purchased through the SAP Store for £759 GBP per month.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Blippar, reporting back with any further updates.