Cradle of Links VR Achieves Steam Greenlight Success

Studio REALWORLD has announced that the new virtual reality (VR) title, Cradle of Links VR, has achieved success through its Steam Greenlight campaign. Currently in development for the HTC Vive, Cradle of Links VR features full freeform movement throughout the videogame’s environments opposed to relying on a teleportation mechanic.

Cradle of Links screenshot

“We refused teleportation mechanics in the chosen point or movements further to the determined way in advance,” states an official communication from Studio REALWORLD. “It shall give to players absolutely other impressions of the stay in the world (we understand the risks connected with the reaction of a vestibular mechanism to such movement, but it is our conscious choice).”

In Cradle of Links VR, the player is tasked with puzzle solving and searching for weapon and supplies. Puzzles will revolve around environmental challenges, for example assembly of a mechanism requires the player to drag a massive subject or to connect explosive components. Players will also be given a variety of tactical options for combat, using different weaponry including firearms, maces, picks and hammers. Small opponents will take great damage from melee blows, but larger fiends will merely be temporarily disorientated.

No release date has yet been set for Cradle of Links VR, however more information can be found at the videogame’s official Steam Greenlight page. VRFocus will be bringing you more details on Cradle of Links VR in the near future.