CINEVEO Update Fixes MKV Support Whilst Making Setup Easier

New improvements and a 50% discount available for the cinema app.

If you want to watch your favourite movies in virtual reality (VR) one popular app to use is Mind Probe Labs’ cinema software CINEVEO. This allows owners of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and OSVR to view movies across several immersive environments, and recently the developer released an update to improve the service even further.

In update v1.9.10 Mind Probe Labs’ fixed an issue with MKV files which suffered with jittery playback. Now they should play smoothly without any stutter. Another big improvement comes by way of setting up CINEVEO in the first place. Previously users were required to manually download a video codec pack or read a user manual to setup the software. Now though the first time installation process is handled automatically.

CINEVEO screenshot 1

The studio has also managed to fix a bug users found when using a mouse in the Internet Cinema. They found they couldn’t select anything which has now been rectified.

Released back in May, CINEVEO supports most popular video files including: MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV and WMV. Before watching a film users can select one of five different cinema layouts: The 4D Movie Theater, the 1960 Drive-in Theater, the Ocean Theater, the Internet Cinema and the Void. And experience can be enjoyed with multi people with integrated chat room support. Users can populate their cinema with other CINEVEO viewers, play browser games and watch streamed videos from platforms such as YouTube together.

CINEVEO is currently in the Steam Black Friday sale, with a 50 percent discount available. This drops the price from £6.99 GBP down to £3.49.

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