Build a Fun Filled Day Out with Theme Park Studio Then Head to the Rides in VR

Pantera Entertainment and SOEDESCO’s amusement park builder Theme Park Studio has been available on Steam Early Access since 2014. Today however the developers have announced the title will launch for PC in retail stores for the first time.

Theme Park Studio, as the name suggests, allows players to build and create their own park however they wish, using a suite of tools for fully customisable options. Sculpt terrain, create lakes, rivers, or rolling hills and mountains. Then place paths which can be smoothly curved and procedurally built on the fly. After which fences and stairs can be generated, and trees placed.

Theme Park Studio screenshot 2

While designing the park is as important as the rides themselves, building some death defying rides will always be the fun part. When designing a rollercoaster rails can be bent, twisted, and shaped into almost any design someone can think of. Then add brakes, accelerators, tunnels, or use prefabricated template pieces to help. Physics can be applied to objects on custom design connected by joints. After which animations are then applied to these physics objects including, torque, force, dampen torque, dampen force, position, rotation, and scale.

But what about the virtual reality (VR) side? Theme Park Studio supports Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and OSVR head-mounted displays (HMDs), meaning that once players have built their parks and rides they be able to experience their creations in VR, will all the stomach churning effects the rides will likely induce.

If you don’t want to buy a hard copy of Theme Park Studio, the videogame can still be purchased through Steam, and currently there’s a 10 percent discount available. This drops the price from £22.99 GBP down to £20.69.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of VR compatible releases, reporting back with any further announcements.