Artist JCORP Highlights Rape Culture for MTV’s Open Your Eyes Campaign

'Not Your Baby' is the next VR artwork from the campaign.

Over the past week in the run up to the US presidential election, VRFocus has been covering MTV’s Open Your Eyes campaign – part of its larger Elect This programme. If you’ve been following our coverage you’ll know that it features virtual reality (VR) artwork from various artists, covering a range of issues. These have included Dave Persue piece Wrong Hands, focusing on gun violence, and Tyler Wallach Studio’s Pulse 49, which looks at issues surrounding LGBTQ rights. Today’s artist is New York-based JCORP, whose artwork Not Your Baby highlights rape culture.

As with the other entries is the Open Your Eyes series there’s a Sketchfab 3D model to explore, a short video on the model and an interview with the artist.

In a short piece on the campaign website, JCORP explains why she chose this particular issue: “‘Not Your Baby’ is an immersive experiential painting that speaks against today’s rape culture. Featuring my signature characters posing in the nude in a rainbow theatrical setting, the girls proudly declare that they are ‘nobody’s baby’, even and especially when all eyes are on them!

“Victim-blaming in sexual violence can be traced to skewed views about female bodies that we see and hear everyday but take for granted. From cat-calling on the street to slut-shaming in popular media, these minor injustices all contribute to the harmful idea that a woman’s body is an object to be obtained and used. My girls are here to encourage the viewer take a step together to shatter these misconceptions and bring back appreciation for beauty and respect!”

Checkout the videos and Sketchfab model below, and check back with VRFocus tomorrow for another Open Your Eyes addition.

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