ALICE VR: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

A couple of weeks ago developer Carbon Studio and publisher Klabater launched ALICE VR for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and OSVR headsets. It received some mixed reviews – including VRFocus’ – and for those heading down the rabbit hole there’s 34 Steam Achievements to unlock, all of which VRFocus has listed below.

Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s famous book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, ALICE VR takes players on a twisted sci-fi journey to a seemingly deserted planet where everything is not all it seems.

AliceVR_Screen (3)

Full Achievement List:

  • Down the rabbit hole

Completed Starship


  • How I Met Your Robot

Meet the CAT


  • Some Kind of Mushroom

Complete the desert mine hallucination


  • Slowpoke

Solve the Planetarium puzzle after the hints show up


  • Fatamorgana

Complete the desert hallucination


  • Womp Rat

Completed Desert


  • Medicinal Herbs

Complete the greenhouse hallucination


  • “10/6”

Answer correctly to all of Hatter’s riddles


  • Apple jelly

Throw 100 apples


  • Anyone out there?

Completed City


  • The Gordian Knot

Solve the gravity ramps puzzle


  • Driving Me Crazy

Drive the dune buggy for 10 km


  • Sneaky Dormouse

Climb on top of the walls of the desert maze


  • Bad Hatter

Find the victim of Hatter’s scatterbrainedness


  • Spare a minute for PETA?

Spare the CAT


  • Eat me

Shrink 33 times


  • Greedy

Force the Hatter into hibernation


  • Cog

Complete your mission


  • Troublesome Neighbour

Throw 20 objects out of the labirynth


  • Fumes

Complete the pump station hallucination


  • Full deck

Find all the cards


  • Resistor

Spare the Hatter


  • Drink Me

Grow big 33 times


  • Are we there yet?

Finish the game without ever using the buggy’s 2nd gear


  • Archiver

Find all audio logs


  • Bullseye

Hit the target in the desert level at first try


  • Carbon Footprint

Carry 6600 units of graphene


  • Anthropologist

Find every audio log left behind by the citizens


  • Grown a Conscience

Save the Colony


  • Cannon

Throw each type of object in the game


  • Mommy?

Get lost in the labirynth for more than 10 minutes


  • Time killer

Answer incorrectly to 6 riddles


  • Fearless

Passed an upside-down gravity ramp looking down the whole way


  • On Foot

Cross the sea of Tears on foot