A Guide to the Best Mobile VR Headsets

Mobile virtual reality (VR) is the most accessible form of taking in bite-sized fun experiences, but it can quite often be hard to choose which mobile-based head-mounted display (HMD) you should pick as there are a fair few to choose from, very much unlike PC-based VR HMDs. Below is a guide to each of the major mobile-based HMDs and links to brief over views of each one.

Mobile-based HMDs took off before PC-based ones, and so they have made a more substantial impression on consumers as it is quite often the first form of VR they invest either their time or money in. Yes, there are clear differences in each of them, but each of them are fantastic in their own right. The HMDs that have been chosen are the Merge VR, Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, and Samsung Gear VR.

MergeVR HMD1

You may have heard of the Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR more than the other two, but take it from us that you should give each one careful consideration.

The Google Cardboard and Merge VR HMDs can be classed as very similar headsets, but both give a completely different experience in terms of user interface and tending to consumer needs. The Cardboard is known for its basic quality, and that is what gives it charm and usability. However, the Merge VR Goggles has many additional features that very much appeal to what we need as consumers and our want of a low maintenance headset.


The Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream View are clear head-to-head rivals, but each one can trump the other depending on what you want out of the headset. What the Samsung Gear VR has over Google Daydream is that it has been around for much longer, and it has had more than enough time to be tested and adjusted to the needs of consumers and developers, and continues to. However, the freshness of the Google Daydream mixed with the incredible backers who are supporting it with developments really makes some noise on the scene.


Check out the guides below for each of the HMDs listed above for a way to get all the info you need without skimming through websites and being fed  information you don’t necessarily want.


Google Cardboard A Guide to the Best Mobile VR Headsets Google Daydream
Merge VR Samsung Gear VR


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