A Guide to Google Daydream View: Installation, Games & Apps

Following the success of Google Cardboard, Google’s next-generation mobile virtual reality (VR) platform has arrived today. Google Daydream View is available to purchase online and at retailers now, and so many of you will surely be jumping in on day one. But buying the head-mounted display (HMD) is one thing; which smartphone will you be using to power it? What applications and videogames will you buy? Which ones are actually available right now? VRFocus has got all these questions covered.

Daydream View Headset

Smartphone Compatibility

As of right now there are only two smartphone handsets compatible with the first Daydream HND, Google’s own Daydream View. These are the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. These two handsets already have access to the Google VR application and come with the Daydream application set to automatically install upon first boot. Both of these handsets are available to purchase now at various retailers and via Google direct.

Google has already launched an update for Google Pixel handsets, Android 7.1 Nougat, which isn’t required for Daydream View but is recommended.

Daydream Installation

As the Daydream application automatically installs, there’s very little to worry about in order to get up and running quickly. Upon boot the application will require access to your Google Play account and a small amount of additional information before requesting you place the smartphone handset within the HMD casing. Note that unlike the Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream View communicates with the smartphone handset via NFC technology, meaning there’s no physical connector.


Getting Started with Google Daydream

Once you’ve got the Daydream app installed and have placed the smartphone handset in the HMD casing, you’re ready to go! A short tutorial will teach you the basics of realigning your view and using the Daydream View’s wireless controller, before launching you into your first taste of VR on the HMD. Tasked with light challenges such as locating animals and tapping objects, this short prelude acts as a perfect primer for the VR experiences to come.


Games and Apps

Though Google has promised a great deal of variety in the videogames and applications coming to Daydream, the Daydream View launches with just a small selection. Only a handful of applications and a dozen videogame titles are available as of launch, and VRFocus has endeavoured to try each and every one of them to let you know what is what! Check out the links below for more on the best videogames and applications available on Google Daydream View.

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