World War Toons Devs Reload Studios Rebrand as Studio Roqovan, Inc.

Quite a few studios have taken the leap of rebranding themselves, and it is a smart time to do so as virtual reality (VR) grows bigger, it is almost like a last chance before it all explodes – especially ahead of the PlayStation VR launch. Reload Studios has taken this step by renaming as Studio Roqovan, Inc., and it has a number of reasons as to why.

The name is said to reflect the company’s broader scope as their business model shifts from simple game development to a broader focus on IP content creation. It takes the R from Reload, but the rooster is symbolic as a wake up to the dawn of the new VR industry, and is also similar to the French words Coq au Vin which isn’t really explained.


”When we started Reload Studios two years ago, everyone in our core crew was coming from different places in their lives, and we all needed to ‘reload’ to focus on this new direction,” states CEO James Chung.  “That was important then, and really defined our identity.  Now the company has matured to launch our first major product with World War Toons, and we are deep in development on several other projects to move strategically beyond gaming.  Shedding yesterday’s glory to embrace the next steps and beyond, we felt strongly that we’re beginning a new identity.  We needed to rebrand ourselves.”

It is said that “also announced today in conjunction with the name change, the company is creating Project Time Machine, which transports users to an alternate past to witness a battle between the WW2 juggernauts USS Iowa and Japan’s Yamato.”

COO Taehoon Oh adds, “In the last few years, we have been at the center of the VR market explosion. Because of the incredible talents of the team at Studio Roqovan we’re now in a position to take advantage of this incredible opportunity, so rebranding was a natural step to reflect that momentum. We look forward to becoming a key studio dedicated to producing premium VR content whether for interactive, narrative, or educational experiences.”

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