Watch the Lastest World War Toons Cinematic Trailer From Studio Roqovan, Inc.

There are some pretty good trailers out there for PlayStation VR titles, plenty of which came out today, but very few can claim that it has its own theme tune added in. Studio Roqovan, Inc., who was formerly known as Reload Studios, has released a new trailer for its Open Beta version, and it is unlike anything you have seen before.

Studio Roqovan really wasn’t lying when it said they wanted to make a cartoon title, and this trailer is something that could take you back to 90s adverts where explosions and cringey-cool theme tunes were all the rage – except this is more cool than cringey.

World War Toons screenshot

All of the previously revealed characters were shown off during the trailer, including Olga Sniperova, Adele WeissSturm Shark, General Mayhem, Kongo, and Tom Yeti.

We’re now just waiting for the Soundcloud link to the song, but check out the trailer below.

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