Watch Out, No Time To Relax, There’s Jobs To Do In Job Simulator

If you’ve received your PlayStation VR headset this week then you’ll have likely dived straight into the demo disc to tryout the selection of titles available. For US and European customers there was a difference in the amount available, the US got 17 titles while European customers only got 8. Sony Interactive Entertainment rectified this somewhat by making the other videogames available to download from PlayStation.Store. One of the titles included was Owlchemy Lab’s Job Simulator, if you’ve not tried it yet take a look at the launch trailer below to see what its all about.

Job Simulator originally launched for the HTC Vive on its arrival, being bundled with the head-mounted display (HMD) for early adopters, but its now been taken off the bundle list.

As the name suggests Job Simulator tasks players with completing various tasks in particular settings. Set in the future robots have taken over most menial tasks and the human populace has forgotten just what previous generations used to do.

There are several jobs to complete with the title a great introduction into virtual reality (VR). The jobs include being a car mechanic in a workshop, where engine parts like spark plugs and the filter can be removed, cars resprayed and so forth. There’s also Office Worker, Gourmet Chef, and Convenience Store Clerk to complete.

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