Watch How to Maintain the PlayStation VR Lenses

Yesterday VRFocus reported on Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) maintenance video for PlayStation VR and its lightshield, the rubber surround that not only gives a comfortable fit to the headset, but also blocks out annoying background light that can break immersion. Now we have a second video from SIE, this one’s even more entertaining than the last, it’s about lens cleaning.

Head-mounted display (HMD) lenses are the windows into virtual worlds, if gamers don’t look after them then visual quality will diminish, and that wedge of cash that’s been spent will be for nothing.

The video is as self explanatory as you can get, take the supplied cloth out of its packaging – which is shown in the video if you didn’t know how to – unfold it, and wipe the lenses in a circular motion trying not to smudge fingerprints back over the lens. And there you have it, clean lenses for many more hours of virtual reality (VR) gameplay with PlayStation VR.

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