Watch Back Your Special Day Through a Google Cardboard With VR Wedding

With many cinematic virtual reality (VR) experiences it is rare to say that any of it is personalised to your life, usually featuring events or settings that are seeked out by the general VR community. Now Virtual Guest has opened up the doors to record one of the most personal moments in your life with VR Wedding, letting you look back at the special day in a way that lets you relive it in a new way.

VR Wedding is a service that offers you a 360 recording of your wedding, apparently all with the Nokia OZO, and depending on which package you choose you can get many features added on. For the Silver package, priced at $1650 (AUD), you get a 360 film of the ceremony, two minute highlight video, and two Google Cardboard head-mounted displays (HMD); the Gold package offers 360 ceremony and reception filming, four minute highlight video, and four Google Cardboard HMDs for $2750; and the Diamond package is $3850 for ceremony and reception filming as well as on-location filming, a six minute highlight video, and eight Google Cardboard HMDs.

vr wedding

This is all based in Australia, if you didn’t guess from the currency, and it is recommended if you want to “imagine being able to experience your first dance akin to an out-of-body experience”, or if you want those who couldn’t make it along on the day to feel as though they were really there.

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