Warpin: Creation is Coming to the HTC Vive, and It Is Up to You to Save Reality

Warpin: Creation is a new title created by a self-taught game developer, Matthew Finitz, and it is all about travelling between dimensions, forging artefacts, and battling monster enemies, soon to be available for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD).

Set at the dawn of creation, there is a flaw in the design of reality and different worlds are easily reachable as a result, with monsters inside. It is down to you to travel between these dimensions and fix reality – within virtual reality (VR). What ensures your success in this title is your combat skills as you journey through an infinite number of “midimensions”, all to restore the “glory of creation”.

warpin screenshot 2

What Finitz has tried to do is push the boundaries for VR by bringing together classic gaming styles to VR, including a heads up display, inventory management, dynamic level generation, and intricate strategy – which is of course a lot to be developed by a one-man team.

The types of weapons you will come across are swords, shields axes, and rifles, all utilised in various ways requiring you to switch between sword and board, dual-wielding, and other styles that you can choose to try out. They are all enhanced by the mix of your magical and technological abilities in order to create incredible weapons.

Warpin: Creation has been recently Greenlit by Steam, so check back for more updates on this new title.

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