Turtle Rock Bringing Other Worlds and Face Your Fears to Gear VR

The Oculus Connect 3 keynote may have had a large portion of time dedicated to the company’s latest piece of hardware Oculus Touch, but the Gear VR didn’t miss out. Turtle Rock Studios has announced two new titles for the mobile head-mounted display (HMD) Other Worlds and Face Your Fears.

Other Worlds takes players inside a painting, allowing them to experience three different worlds from the mind of artist Justin Cherry. Inside the environments they each provide their own dark, and foreboding experience, with 360-degree views combined with 3D sound while random events take place depending on the world they’re in.

Face Your Fears - Haunting

While Face Your Fears features a variety of scenes based on people’s fears and phobias. There’s the Haunting, where players are a child sat in bed on their own. The house starts to creak, getting louder, building into frightening moments depending on where the player is looking (or not looking). While in Skyscraper, players find themselves on top of a tall building in the middle of a city, but when they look down find a giant robot is climbing up.

“Ever since Phil Robb and I got a Rift demo at E3 a few years back, we knew we had to get into VR,” Chris Ashton, Co-Founder & Design Director at Turtle Rock Studios said.  “It’s such an awesome, immersive experience. There is so much potential and so much to learn. Working with Oculus has been amazing for everyone on the team. VR leverages a lot of what we’ve learned while making AAA games for PC and console but the possibilities here feel endless. We’re breaking new ground and that’s something that has always spoken to the soul of TRS.”

Both titles will be available later this month for Gear VR, and for all the latest news from Turtle Rock Studios, keep reading VRFocus.