The Raven VR Showcases Latest Developments

Developers have sought inspiration for virtual reality (VR) experiences from a myriad of different genres and now 19th century American writer Edgar Allan Poe is getting the VR treatment. Thomas Pasieka is currently in the process of creating The Raven VR, a visual and auditory experience based on Poe’s famous poem The Raven.

VRFocus previously reported on the project back in April which is seeking financial support on Patreon, Pasieka immerses viewers in Poe’s sitting room in December 1845. Here they’ll be able to enjoy a reading of The Raven as a fire crackles next to them and music plays in the background.

The Raven VR

As Pasieka describes the creation of the project: “The Raven VR is my very own “art” project. Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” has always been my very favourite Poem and I always wanted to create some visuals to go with that Poem of his.

“I am currently working on assets for the project in my spare time and therefore it’s going slow but steady. I hope you like the individual assets I have created so far. I have wonderful friends such as Matthew Cook and Bjorn Hurri who help out when they can but for the most part it’s all on me to create the 3D art.”

Sound can be an important part of any VR project, immersing viewers even further into the experience. And so the developer also notes how crutial audio is to the project: “Audio is also a very important aspect of this project and a very good friend of mine (we shall not name him yet) has composed and recorded a 10 minute Piano track for The Raven VR. Additionally, I am talking to a professional seasoned voice actor to do the reading itself and I am very excited about it!”

Currently Pasieka has released a couple of images to showcase The Raven VR’s development as he seeks further funding to spend more time bringing the project to life. He’s not yet stated which head-mounted displays (HMDs) the VR experience will support but as the project continues VRFocus will bring you further details.

The Raven VR_1