The Best of PlayStation VR Launch: Sports Games

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has ensured PlayStation VR has a staggering amount of content available at launch, with just about every videogame genre covered in some way. Sport is no different, although not in the same quantities as other genres such as first-person shooters (FPS). It’s social multiplayers that are going to be an important part of attracting consumers to virtual reality (VR), so combining these with sports can be a powerful showcase of the technology.

There are several videogames in the launch line-up that can be described as sporting titles but the couple that VRFocus thinks are worth a look at are below. These combine skilful sporting prowess with tongue-in-cheek gameplay, not taking themselves too seriously. When you can play pool, or just smash bottles, then climb into a giant robot smash buildings whilst trying to get a hole-in-one, there’s definitely some fun to be had.

Sports Bar VR – CherryPop Games

First on the list is Sports Bar VR, renamed from its previous incarnation on HTC Vive as Pool Nation VR. While the original title focused around playing pool with some side distractions, subsequent updates have expanded the premise even further. Sports Bar VR is now more of an apt name for the title, as players can play Pool, Darts, Air Hockey, Skreeball, Shuffleboard, Chess and Checkers all in one place. Multiplayer plays an important part in Sports Bar VR, with up to six people able to hangout in the bar and engage in the various challenges. Should gamers not want to do any of this there’s also the option to just trash the place as well.

Sports Bar VR

100ft Robot Golf – No Goblin

Dispelling with the practice of simulation golf titles and going for all out action and fun is 100ft Robot Golf. The name tells you everything you need to know about what to expect from the videogame. Giant mechs do battle across cityscapes and rolling hills, but rather than machine guns, lasers and rocket launchers you’ve got golf clubs. Get the ball in the hole in as fewer shots as possible, got a building in the way, then turn it into rumble to improve that line and get the birdie. When you’re competing against other players they can also get in the way so its time for some melee combat, wrapping your golf club around their head to slow them down. 100ft Robot Golf is a title not only aimed at everyone but will also appeal to everyone.

100FT Robot Golf (4)

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