The Best of PlayStation VR Launch: Adventure Games

Virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs) are littered with shooting videogames and Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) PlayStation VR is no different. But what if you want something more, to dive into a virtual world and go on an adventure, explore strange new lands, uncover deep story lines and encounter characters along the way.

Adventure videogames can cover a wide gamut of other genres, including horror, sci-fi, first-person shooters (FPS), strategy and many more. And for PlayStation VR at launch there’s certainly several to choose from. But for the list below VRFocus has chosen three titles which at their core are just solid adventure experiences that’ll have gamers engrossed for several hours, as they wander these virtual realms to uncover their secrets.

Gamers may agree or disagree with the choices below, but they do offer a mixture of experiences to players. VRFocus has only included launch day titles, with videogames such as Crytek’s dinosaur themed Robinson: The Journey just missing out as it’s due for release in Q4 2016.

The Assembly – nDreams

The first major VR title from British VR specialist nDreams, The Assembly is a storyline heavy experience revolving around the titular organisation. It operates outside of the government and the law, and as such performs morally ambiguous experiments. As the player learns about what goes on it’s up to them to decide whether the organisation is actually good or bad. The gameplay has been designed to be accessible for those new to VR whilst offering more seasoned players a challenge through the various puzzles that lay in wait.

The Assembly - LAUNCH_FAMILY

Loading Human: Chapter 1 – Maximum Games


One of the most promising adventure titles for PlayStation VR comes from Maximum Games in the form of Loading Human: Chapter 1. With a heavy sci-fi laden plot, Loading Human casts players as Prometheus, a scientist, who’s the son of Earth’s most brilliant mind. But your father is dying and summons you to meet him. Once there you learn that he wishes to cheat death by sending you on a mission into deep space to locate the Quintessence, a life-saving energy source. As the title suggests the videogame is an episodic adventure, with this first chapter taking place in your father’s Antarctic lab. One of the key components of Loading Human is the ability to interact with almost any object in the environment, allowing players to truly explore their surroundings, whilst building relationships with the characters they come across.


FATED: The Silent Oath – Frima Originals


There’s been secret organisations and sci-fi space exploration and so now we head into a fantasy realm of mythology and lore. Fated: The Silent Oath is a first-person adventure set in the mythical age of Vikings. As with the previous two titles this is a story driven videogame that follows Ulfr, father and husband who must go on a quest to test his courage, stopping at nothing to protect those whom he loves. Players must overcome insurmountable odds to ensure the safety of his family which is being threatened by the return mythical beasts and giants. With a bright and colourful aesthetic, puzzle solving and emotional interactions, FATED: The Silent Oath is one title that aims to pull on those heart strings.

FATED: The Silent Oath screenshot

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