Sony Releases Setup Videos for PlayStation VR

In two days Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) launches the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) worldwide. In preparation for the big event the company has launched a series of setup videos so that owners know exactly what to do when their headsets arrive.

Three videos have been released with each one quickly and simply taking gamers through what needs to be done before experiencing PlayStation VR.

The first video is simply is merely an unboxing run though, detailing all the individual components that can be found. This includes the raft of cables that are supplied, plus reinforcing the reminder that users need the PlayStation Camera to use PlayStation VR if the pack they bought doesn’t contain it.

In the second video SIE goes through the process of installing all the cables necessary, from plugging in the processor unit to the PlayStation VR headset itself, just remember you’ll need one additional power outlet.

The last video involves the final adjustments needed to start playing, organising the play area, ensuring the PlayStation Camera has a good viewpoint to detect the HMD and controllers, and how to put the headset on and make it comfortable.

If you’ve bought a PlayStation VR but haven’t been to an event to demo the device before its well worth watching the videos just to ensure everything goes according to plan, and you don’t have any issues enjoying virtual reality (VR).

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