See The Screenshots For Story-led Indie Puzzler Luna By Funomena

Luna has been described as an indie puzzler for the Oculus Touch controllers, but not much has been shared other than that. Now, screenshots have been released and you can get a real idea of what this title is all about.

Below you can see how the puzzles in Luna are aptly centred round space travel, but when you land on a planet there is a pretty cute art style to accompany the gameplay, which gives off a pretty pleasant vibe.

The whole idea of the title is outlined by Funomena: “The game begins when a young Bird is lured from its nest by a mysterious Owl, whose hypnotic song convinces the Bird to swallow the last piece of the waning moon. Blown far from its nest by the ensuing storm, Bird wakes up in a scrambled, unfamiliar and lonely place.

“To help the Bird find its way home, players must first look to the stars. Here, they help untangle the mixed-up constellations of Bird’s memories, which appear as tangled webs of stardust floating in the night sky.”

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Luna-StarPuzzle1 Luna-Meeting1 Luna-LushWorld1 Luna-FrozenWorld2 Luna-FrozenWorld1