Robinson: The Journey Now Has Official Release Date

The amount of titles available for PlayStation VR on launch day will leave many owners spoilt for choice, but during the launch window – around 90 days – there will be even more to keep players using the headset. One of those previously confirmed for that window was Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey, but today the videogame gets a solid confirmed date.

Robinson: The Journey will be available on 8th November in the US and Canada, while Europe will get it a day later on 9th.

Robinson The Journey screenshot 1

The videogame is the second virtual reality (VR) title from the German developer, with The Climb arriving as an Oculus Rift title earlier this year and it’ll support Oculus Touch as well. Robinson: The Journey is an exclusive for PlayStation VR set on a world filled with dinosaurs.

Players take the role of Robin, a boy that’s left stranded on an alien world called Tyson III after his ship crash lands. But Robin isn’t alone, he’s accompanied by an AI companion called HIGS, and together they must survive the harsh environment and dangerous inhabitants as they search for the lost crew, solving puzzles and unearthing the planet’s secrets along the way.

VRFocus recently previewed the title ahead of release saying that Robinson: The Journey: ‘sits as a title that looks set to become one of the most enduring experiences available in the early days of console VR.’

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Crytek, reporting back with any further VR updates.