Razer Acquires THX and Will Play Leading Role in VR Gaming Audio Development

Razer, developers of high-performance gaming hardware and software, has bought THX, who will carry on to operate independently, but there is no dubt that the creation of virtual reality (VR) hardware will be elevated substantially.

In a statement made by THX regarding this deal, it is said that: “Moving forward, THX will focus on the expansion of its current certification program to include new technologies, such as immersive audio and HDR, and the introduction of whole new programs, such as headphone certification and, in the future, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences and their enabling devices.”

thx razer

CEO of THX, Ty Ahmad-Taylor, went into more detail regarding VR gaming: “We are interested in providing superior audio-visual experiences. As gaming bridges into VR, we expect to play a leadership role in the audio portion of that experience, which is crucial for completion the immersion into virtual worlds.”

There is more than enough evidence to come to the conclusion that this acquisition can only mean good things for VR and AR audio, and that THX will be able to flourish under the coporate parental guidence of Razer.

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