PlayStation VR Worlds Releases Soundtrack on Spotify

It was this time last week when we were all gearing up for the launch of the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD), and along with the launch of the HMD came a bunch of experiences and videogames that really brought it to life – this included the likes of PlayStation VR Worlds, which is a collection of five mini games. Today it has been said that if you have enjoyed the title, there is the official soundtrack posted on Spotify.

The tracks include the official opening to the game with Welcome to VR Worlds, and then moves onto each title starting with Ocean Descent whose main track is of the same name, followed by Manta Ray Moment, Jellyfish Cave, Submarine Reveal, Shark Attack. Scavengers Odyssey is next with the same track as its title, as well as Asteroid Hopping, Hatchlings, Scuttler Ambush, The Elevator, Exploring the Forbidden Belt, Sentinel Battle, and Coming Home. VR Luge features Mountain of Percussion and Desperate For The Luge.


The London Heist‘s tacks begin with To Be Frank, followed by Exploring Victor’s Drawers, Shooting Up Victor’s Office, The Getaway, and Frank & Mickies Fisticuffs. The last two on the soundtrack is Dangerball‘s own track, and the track for the VR Worlds Trailer.

These are all of course free to listen to on Spotify under PlayStation VR Worlds (Original Score), and there is a guarentee that if you have already played the title that you will be transported straight back to those exact moments.

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