Oculus Touch Title Landfall Engages You in Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Battle

There are plenty of titles coming to the Oculus Touch once it comes out later this year, and Landfall, which takes place after a mass flooding occurs on Earth, and you, the commander, has to lead your soldiers across the scarce land in order to gain ultimate power.

Below you can check out how Landfall looks, and how you can take on the ore classic look of a top down shooter but in virtual reality (VR). There is so much going on in each screenshot, there’s no doubting that this will be a title with a lot of energy and carnage. Looking down at the battlefield, you have to make your way across the field using sci-fi ships and weapons.

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Landfall_Screenshot04 Landfall_Screenshot05 Landfall_Screenshot01 Landfall_Screenshot03 Landfall_Screenshot02