Oculus Touch Title Enigma Sphere Gets Trailer Showing Off TGS 2016 Debut

One Japanese PlayStation VR title debuted spectacularly it seems at the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) this year, and you can see this from its trailer now released. Enigma Sphere is a puzzle title that gets you really utilising your surroundings, which is perfect for the Oculus Touch controllers it is developed for.

The main aim of the game is to save Earth by destroying the spheres that surround you, but it isn’t as straight forward as you’d think, despite the directions being “1. Solve the Enigma with a friend. 2. Find the Spheres. 3. Use hammers to shatter them.”

enigma sphere

Check out below how popular the title really was, and what you really do have to achieve in order to complete the title.

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