Occipital Creates iPhone Dev Kit Using Structure Core 3D Sensor

Occipital is known for its Kickstarter crowd funding campaign for its Structure Core 3D sensor which scans and maps interior spaces, objects, people, and – most importantly – mixed reality experiences. Now the company has used the sensor to create a new kind of head-mounted display (HMD) at still a high price for a mobile headset.

In a report by Upload it was revealed that Occipital has revealed this past week that they have created a $500 (USD) development kit for those with iPhones to be able to pair up its flagship sensor with the mobile phone to create a room scale HMD, which for now is a pretty great stand-in for those who both love Apple and VR (as they don’t seem to be announcing much).

occipital iphone hmd

As previously mentioned, however, the HMD is still rather pricey when considering other mobile HMD solutions, despite it being a dev kit. But, it is still impressive all the same with its 6 depth of field (DOF) along with its room-scalability, and it was reported that not much battery is even needed for such progressive technology as it only needs “a portion of a single mobile ship core”.

You can now order a dev kit online from the sensor website itself for the previously mentioned price tag of $500.

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