NVIDIA VR Funhouse to Support Oculus Touch and Brings in Two New Levels

There are continuous updates and add-ons being created for NVIDIA’s VR Funhouse application which can be used and utilised by any VR developer to better their creations. It has now come from a blog post that during the Oculus Connect 3 event that starts today and end on Friday that the application can be used with Oculus Touch controllers, and there will also be two new levels added.

The aim of adding in support for the Oculus Touch is so that “more gamers and developers can join in the fun” after 100,000 gamers have downloaded VR Funhouse since July.

VR Funhouse screenshot

The two ew levels are Wall Walker Toss and HotShot Basketball which can be seen in the Official Oculus Touch Trailer below.

Victoria Rege, Head of Global Marketing at NVIDIA and writer of the post, said: “It’s one that’s packed with more fun than ever: with our latest updates you’ll be able to bounce between nine different mini-games. The game — which you can download for free — lets you take on carnival-inspired challenges such as tossing basketballs, popping balloons, whacking moles, firing flaming arrows, and shooting all sorts of targets from a cartoonish cannon.”

More announcements will inevitably come over the course of the next three days while Oculus Connect 3 commences, for both NVIDIA’s Funhouse and the Oculus Touch controllers.

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