New Super Stardust Ultra VR Trailer Released Ahead of PlayStation VR Launch

As if VRFocus readers didn’t know already but PlayStation VR launches tomorrow and developers have been releasing new trailers for their upcoming titles. The latest comes from D3t Ltd for Super Stardust Ultra VR.

Super Stardust Ultra VR combines the same gameplay from the series with a new mode specifically designed for virtual reality (VR), Invasion Zone. As showcased in the video below the main gameplay itself revolves around players battling across planets by racing around them, ramming and shooting everything in their path from a top down perspective.

With the new Invasion Mode players can now dive into the cockpit of their craft, heading into battle from a first-person viewpoint. At their disposal will be a roster of advanced weaponry, including: plasma cannons, missiles, EMPs and an Inertial Disruptor. As with a lot of VR shooters the targeting system is fixed to the pilot’s head movement, simply look in the direction you want to shoot and pull the trigger.

Super Stardust Ultra VR has been available to pre-ordered on the PlayStation.Store for £15.99 GBP since July. And for those who already own the standard versions of the titles, there will be a £7.99 upgrade option available.

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