Need for Speed Rushing to VR with Google Daydream

Electronic Arts may have been slow on the uptake for virtual reality (VR), but the company is not without initiative for its biggest franchises. It was revealed at Google I/O earlier this year that the company had plans for Google Daydream, and that Need for Speed would be making its way to the platform. Today, it’s been revealed that the franchise will be available in VR prior to the year’s end.

Need for Speed on Google Daydream will be a VR variant of the popular mobile title, Need for Speed: No Limits. Players will be able to customise real-world cars before they take them out on the streets of Blackridge, going head-to-head with other racers. Need for Speed: No Limits isn’t a racing simulation, it’s an arcade influenced thrill ride: jumps, traffic, nitro zones and more litter the tracks as you make your play for first place.

The original mobile version of Need for Speed: No Limits features over 1,000 races and challenges, though its not yet been announced how this will translate into the Google Daydream version of the videogame. Nor has any pricing information yet been revealed.

Need for Speed will launch on Google Daydream later this year, potentially marking Electronic Arts’ VR debut (with only a Star Wars Battlefront add-on, Star Wars: Battlefront – X-Wing VR Mission, to rival it). VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on the VR edition of Need for Speed and other titles coming to VR platforms from Electronic Arts.

Need for Speed: No Limits