Microsoft Combining VR/AR & MR with Creators Update for HoloLens

Using Microsoft Edge and HoloLens users can create their own holograms.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 event today wasn’t expected to feature any major mixed reality (MR) or virtual reality (VR) news, but that’s not been the case. The new Windows 10 Creator Update, arriving in Spring 2017, will add new VR and MR features, with greater integration with the HoloLens headset.

Earlier in the event Microsoft announced its plans for ‘3D for Everyone’, an initiative to make 3D creation, viewing and sharing more open than ever before. This includes a new 3D feature for Paint, so that users can then create models or images that are far more immersive, then share them online or 3D print them. And here’s where HoloLens comes in, these designs can be outputted to the MR head-mounted display (HMD) to essentially bring them into the real world using Microsoft Edge.

hololens - Paint 3D Creation

Megan Saunders, Experiences at Microsoft said: “Microsoft Edge was the first browser to bring inking to the web, and now its the first browser to fully embrace ‘3D for Everyone’. On HoloLens Microsoft Edge becomes this incredible portal for digital content to enter into your real world as a hologram.”

The demonstration then went on to showcase, that through Edge items could be taken off the internet to view as a hologram. For interior design ideas furniture could be placed directly in front of a user, enabling them to see exactly what it would be like in a certain area.

While its certainly an interesting look at what the future of MR will be like it’s worth remembering the HoloLens is currently $3000 USD, a bit pricey for most consumers. But Microsoft is building the foundations for more consumer level products with the announcement of a VR headset from several manufacturer partners.

Whether HoloLens pricing will fall to a less wallet busting price remains to be seen, but as Microsoft reveals further details on its VR and MR plans VRFocus will let you know.

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