Meeting JASMIN is an AR Art Exhibition in the US That Debuted Yesterday

Meeting JASMIN is an augmented reality project where art enthusiasts can look upon art exhibitions and see the piece some to life before their eyes on their phone screens, which will debut in San Francisco, and it all started up yesterday.

There are 33 different pieces of art that from digital artists Raphael Vicenzi, Alberto Seveso, and Hugo Valentine, all who have put in their interpretations of how to capture emotions and complex personal connections, all relating to self-discovery.


“As the Meeting JASMIN exhibition continues to push the conversation about connections within a digital space, the addition of the mobile app furthers this discussion while blending fine art with modern-day technology,” states Amanda Byrd, Meeting JASMIN Gallery Director. “Our artworks are statement pieces, meant to continue the story of the brand and the artist beyond the initial viewing, including curated content for collectors – a first of its kind for the fine art world.”

In order to make this app, the exhibition partnered with Live Portrait who mixes together AR and image recognition.

“Combining forces with Meeting JASMIN on the development of the mobile app has been exciting for everyone on the team. There is no doubt in my mind that this project will change the way we view and interact with fine art as fanatics and collectors, while at the same time providing a totally new medium for the artists to apply creativity,” says Samuel Zaribian, co-founder of Live Portrait.

This exhibition is taking place in  Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture in San Francisco.

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