Life In 360°: Virtual Guest Teases ‘Gone In 360 Seconds’ Film

We start the week on VRFocus with another Life In 360°, and unlike most weeks we’re beginning with some news as opposed to something off the wall. A trailer for a brand new cinematic virtual reality (VR) short which comes to us courtesy of Australian production house Virtual Guest.

Gone In 360 Seconds, as the name may very well suggest, takes place within a garage specialising in the care of top end automobiles. You take on the view of one of the mechanics taking care of vehicles such as Ferraris. The boss is pleased – but things take a turn for the worse when you find yourself in the middle of a heist. What are the thieves after – the cars? Or something else? We’ll have to wait until next month or December to find out.

Gone In 360 Seconds

The drama plays out over two separate films, one first person and another ‘passive third person’ which are also available to view in 3D 360° – a first for Life In 360° to discuss – are being produced in association with Curtin University and directed by FTV & Screen Arts researcher Dr. Stuart Bender and Brandon D’Silva from Virtual Guest.

Gone in 360 Seconds is a unique piece of creative-practice research. It uses the technical and artistic challenges of live-action VR production as an opportunity to draw upon contemporary film studies methodology to understand viewer perception and cognition with respect to this new mode of storytelling.” Explains Bender. “Using biometric analysis of audience behavior and interaction with the viewing experience, as well as psychometric attitude tests pre and post-viewing, we intend to explore how actual viewers engage with a variety of cinematic and non-cinematic devices in our short VR experience.”

What will the next seven days bring for both VR and for augmented reality (AR)? Come back to VRFocus throughout the week to find out the latest.