Life In 360°: Fly By Strike

Welcome to what promises to be one of the most important weeks in virtual reality’s (VR’s) history. I know we’ve just come off of a crazy week thanks to Oculus Connect 3 but it’s true, and not just in this generation of hardware but in VR’s entire history. VR is coming to console, properly, and Sony (or rather Sony Interactive Entertainment) are the ones responsible for making it happen with the PlayStation VR.

Will it usher in a new era of acceptance? Will it even be a success? What games will be the talking points of tomorrow’s gaming history? Well if you’d like some suggestions on the latter we have our ‘Best of PlayStation VR Launch’ series going out daily at the moment. Which we recommend you check out. You can expect another part to be added this afternoon.

It’s certainly going to be a busy week. As difficult to pull off as, say, catapulting a bowling ball off into the distance. Which I guess is pretty handy because that’s what today’s video from The Slingshot Channel shows. This is actually their second attempt, as they explain

“The bowling ball launcher was a success, but many people wanted to see it shooting over a longer distance. So we reconvened, hoisted it up to 23,5 degrees and also increased the rubber draw force from 350 kg to about 580 kg.”

The ball travels 100 metres. Not something you’d want to get in the way of!