Life in 360°: Heavy Mickey Thunder

For the first time in a while we begin a week without a potential industry changing event about to take place. The PlayStation VR is out, we know about the Daydream View, Oculus Connect is done for another year and Steam Dev Days showed that there is plenty to keep fans of the HTC Vive interested going forward.

That being said, just what will await us today now that the dust has settled? Who will be the one to come out with the big announcement that they’ve been holding back on? We don’t know – but be sure to check back on VRFocus regularly throughout the week to find out. In the meantime I don’t know about you but I’m throughly exhausted. We all need a bit of a holiday I think so we’re heading off to Disneyland and a bit of classic 360 degree rollercoaster action thanks to OneWorldVR and this recording of their trip on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

VRFocus will be back throughout the week with more examples of 360 degree video at the usual times.