Immersive VR Education to Launch Crowd Funding Campaign For Titanic VR

It has been shared that Immersive VR Education, makers of Apollo 11 VR and the Engage Platform is now to take its latest development, Titanic VR, to Kickstarter to start up its own crowd funding campaign.

Titanic VR allows users to freely explore the famously shipwrecked luxury ship, the RMS Titanic. You can control your own submarine and ROVs to explore the ship that is 12,500 feet under the North Atlantic Ocean, and complete various missions and recovery tasks on the dive site. In the final completed form of Titanic VR, users can also witness the sinking from a survivor’s point of view, apparently in a similar way to witnessing the events leading up to the moon landing in the Apollo 11 VR experience.


Immersive VR Education’s other major project Apollo 11 VR also started out on Kickstarter, which it successfully completed and went on to be an Oculus Rift title.

Titanic VR was known about back at the beginning of the year where it first started being developed, where it was already established that the crashing and sinking of the ship was something that would definitely feature in the final version.

Stick around to find out when Immersive VR Education finally starts up its Kickstarter campaign for Titanic VR. Until then, check back with VRFocus for all the news, updates, and features in the world of VR.