Here They Lie: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Horror videogames can work really well in virtual reality (VR) so for the PlayStation VR’s launch day developer The Tangentlemen released, Here They Lie. The title includes 12 Trophies to unlock and VRFocus has the full list below.

Here They Lie is a surreal, psychological horror that put players in a nightmarish world that doesn’t go for jump scares, rather a slower more methodical build up of fear and dread. The videogame is available to download for £15.99 GBP


Full Trophy List:


Bellows – Complete the Narrows and escape to the bridge portion of the game – (Bronze)

Bridge – Complete the Bridge and decide the followers fate portion of the game – (Bronze)

Narrows – Complete the Beginning Marketplace portion of the game – (Bronze)

Palace – Complete the City portion of the game – (Bronze)

Terminal – Complete the Beginning Train ride portion of the game – (Bronze)


Cold Blooded – Let all The Others die in the theater scene – (Silver)

Hexanecrosis – Die more than 5 times while playing through the game – (Silver)

Nihilist – Smash Buddy in the Mirror – (Silver)

Optimist – Save Buddy from the mirror – (Silver)

Storied – Read all the notes that can be read while playing through the game – (Silver)

The Lost – Listening to all the vox pops that can be listened to while playing through the game – (Silver)

Tribute – Complete the Station portion of the game – (Silver)